About APR

With us at 1 Year Loans Asap, borrowers can get an instant loan help to resolve all their monetary hassles in the best possible way. The most important feature of our website is that we offer loans for a flexible time span of one year so that everyone can make good use of borrowed amount as per their comfort. Our website gives you the liberty to fetch your desired loan amount for a stretched time span.

At the same time, we advice to you keep a check on your loan repayment ability and then borrow the loan amount accordingly. The moment your loan gets approved, you will get the amount directly from the bank. Followed by this, the Annual Percentage Rate will be calculated on the basis of how much loan amount you borrowed and for how long you are keeping the loan amount.

We at 1 Year Loans Asap would like to inform you that the longer you keep the loan amount, higher the interest rates you will be paying. On the other hand, if you get successful in clearing the debt on time, interest rates will be charged less. For your knowledge, we are informing you that APR is expressed in a percentage number which represents the annual cost of borrowed money over repayment span of the loan.

As a matter of fact, APR calculation is derived from the total interest rate charged, repayment tenure, transaction fee, amount borrowed and more. However, it is true that APR rates may differ from lender to lender. The loan market is competitive and every lender wants to attract more and more borrowers. Thus, before making any decision check the loans quotes on internet and then proceed to apply for any loan deal.

At as responsible website owners, we at 1 Year Loans Asap make sure that you dont face any difficulty in understanding what APR is all about and how it is calculated. In order to get a good deal, make sure you are aware of each and every aspect related to Annual percentage rate.